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A Barrel of Apples

What is happening to the beautiful game ?

  15 Dec 2017   admin

Just prior to a dinner party yesterday evening, a friend brought us a large bag of apples.
My immediate thought was of having to process the apples before any rot can set in.?
Even this morning as I write this we had discussed what we would do with the apples. Obviously it is important to process them all as soon as possible as one rotten apple could taint the rest of the fruit in the basket.
A lot like the old saying that the rotten apple is always at the bottom of the barrel.

But, in life, things are a little different !
If there is a rotten person at the top of the tree then the people below don't have a care about integrity. This has been seen in action at the very top of one of the World's most trusted institutions, Federation Internationale de Football Association, or to give it the most recognised name FIFA.

The illegal payments, or bungs, that the Executive officers were throwing about like confetti were directly responsible for pushing up all the prices within the game of football. More money from TV driven by the corrupt top brass leading to higher TV show prices, higher wages for footballers leading to higher gate receipts and obvious corruption.
Once again the poor football supporter has to cop the bill for the corruption in our game.

I used the phrase " our game " because it once was, I feel that global intervention has taken the game from us.
I would like to see all the non corrupt Football Associations divorce themselves from FIFA and Uefa and maybe start again but with the Executive office having full accountability. I have nothing against a European and a World football body, just the ones we have at the moment.

Until we clean the stables, football will never be free from corruption. We now see team Managers making illegal approaches to players, making illegal payments to players, taking bungs from players agents, payments and gratuities to referees, not paying their taxes. Everyone is aware that several referees are corrupt. I watch enough football to realise when a referee is favouring a team, either through the brown envelope in the dressing room or just fear of one of the managers.
I see enough referees retiring now to their big mansions. It's a bloody disgrace, but whilst the top brass are at it then it will happen on every branch of the business.
FIFA have no intention of cleaning their stables as this would stop the flow of corrupt money that the sport is awash with. If they did intend clear accountability then why on earth did they elect the second in command of one of the proven corrupt individuals of Uefa. It's a club and all the members need their little envelopes by their dinner plates.

I'm not pleased to report at this time that Mr Infantino, the now head of FIFA is under investigation. Don't just think this is sour grapes from Trabzonspor. Millions of euros were at stake when Mr Infantino allegedly advised the Turkish FA to do little about the abject corruption found in the Turkish game.
At the time Trabzonspor were swindled out of the league title by the buying of referees to influence results. So, that's corruption involving refereeing in France, Italy and Turkey, and it's only recently that Italian football was awash with corrupt club chairmen, managers and footballers, many of whom are still playing.

Hands up anyone who thinks it doesn't go on everywhere, including the UK. As I am in Greece I can watch all the UK Premier League games in full. I see at least six examples of corrupt decisions every weekend - Why do you think we have no Video replay ?? Put that alongside the extremely poor refereeing of individuals who need to be fitter and need to wear glasses and you have a sport in dire need of change.

Why don't the Government authorities follow up on the allegations of corruption at the highest level. No, you don't think .....................

How about them apples !

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