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Cheats Ruining The Game

It's not surprising that so much cheating is going on in football when even blatant acts go unpunished.

  5 Feb 2018   admin

Before I rant about last night's game, I would like to clear up a rule that neither the referee nor the assistant referee in last nights game seem to understand or wish to understand.

When the ball was passed to Harry Kane, he was offside. It doesn't matter who touched the ball. The offence is offside. If Harry Kane was not offside when the ball was passed but was in an offside position when Dejan Lovren played the ball there is no offence. Those pair of clowns in black are simply pathetic.

spurs diver

For Harry Kane to then go on and instigate the dive shows he practices those things quite regularly. He probably takes lessons from Deli Alli who everyone knows is one of the biggest cheats in football. He even tried it again last night but his effort was so pathetic that Jon Moss had to book him.

If a last defender fouls an opposing player he gets a red card. Why shouldn't a player who dives get a red card. It's virtually the same thing.

But the worst was yet to come !

The ball drops next to Van Dijk, he swings a leg to clear it and Eric Lamella, both feet off the ground dives between him and the ball and the swinging leg catches him. Nobody watching thought it a foul ( only the boss of referees later ) not even the referee but one Spurs supporter obviously did. This supporter was the one caught by the cameras celebrating the award of the first penalty. Unfortunately this was the assistant referee and he was going to have his time again.

This was a very important game and I don't deny that Spurs were worthy of the draw, especially after Mr Klopp made the extraordinary decision to go three at the back, and take off a striker. Allowing Mr Pochettino to REMOVE one of his centre backs and add firepower up front. Once again Mr Klopps decision making during a game has to be questioned.

The game should have been about the quality of Mo Salah who was brilliant and scored two sublime goals, but once again Jon Moss gets all the headlines.

There is too much money in football. Betting in football now attracts huge sums which in turn attracts corruption.

WHEN VAR COMES IN REFEREES LIKE JON MOSS WHO always have questions about their decisions WILL BE HISTORY.

But he'll probably be in front of the video and it will be more of the same.

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