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My first blog of the year.

  1 Apr 2017   admin

A New Start

Visitors to these pages will note that the site has a completely different feel. I've composed the whole site on a Content Management System - basically a website where the content can be altered or added to by anyone that is authorised by me. This gives the opportunity for anyone to use my blog pages or comment on same.

However, the main reason is that clients can access the content and this site is really a trial to get to grips with Concrete5 software, which I believe I now have. It's very good but it does have its limitations as like Wordpress you need a lot of plug ins, some free, some not.
Concrete5 sits on a server connected to the internet, not on my computer. Access is granted via users and passwords.

TV Stuff

I've switched my channels DNS provider from UNOTelly to Unlocator. I found that not only were UNOTelly getting very intrusive, bit like Google, they were also being a pain with not changing the IP address automatically. When they had to change their landing page due to restrictions brought about by Netflix they did not consider people with smart TVs who only had remote controllers. You just couldn't get the landing page off the BBC channel. As VPNs that can be trusted are still at least double the cost of dynamic DNS and still not as fast on download, I've stayed with the latter.

After using mini computers, Rokus and IPTV set top boxes, I've finally settled on an Amazon Firestick with KODI installed as the best way to watch all content from the UK and USA. I'm getting on average about 13 MBps so not very much buffering. I joined the KODI forum to get some ideas but everyone is convinced their system is the best. I'm impressed by how fast the Firestick is. KODI of course is not the be all and end all of watching TV on Crete but I believe this is the best option until something better comes along.


As usual consistency is that which eludes all my teams at present. Sometimes confidence goes with consistency but all my teams keep beating the top teams and lose to the lower teams. With Wasps and Sarries coming up for Saints, I can't see us climbing the table, hey, but you never know. Reds have got a big game today hosting Everton in the early kick off. A game we really need to win. Lots of talk this week about selling Coutinho to Barcelona to finance a move for Lukaku. Don't bother he'll never join the reds. Good player though. Another good Belgian - if the national team had a good manager they would be unstoppable. Martinez is still a nearly man.


We are suffering the longest winter that many can remember. It's still cold at night and the days are forever wet. We've had torrential rain this week but hopefully the weather will improve from Sunday.
All my cats are sleeping inside next to the warmth of the woodburner which I keep in at night during this cold weather. We even have Billy ( someone give Billy a home please ) in our porch area on a blanket and in a box.

I still seem to get on well with the healthcare here. I had a fall two weeks ago, broke my collarbone and misaligned it. Jeez it hurts like hell ! I had good treatment though. I went private, the private GP sent me to a private clinic, two consultations with a specialist, an ultrasound examination and an xray - the whole cost came to sixty euros !
Imagine that cost in the UK

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