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Forever Autumn

Catching up on summer events and looking forward to autumn with its cooler temperatures.

  31 Aug 2017   admin

What a busy summer.
We only had a few visitors from the UK but we did make a visit ourselves to the UK just to see how our grandson and my mother were getting along.
My mother is 96 this year but amazingly survived a stroke and is back home with nearly everything back to normal. Quite incredible.
Most of the summer has been spent modifying a CMS ( content management system ) for some friends of ours. I had to go back to school ( reread my books ) to relearn all the coding required for json javascript, html5 and how it works with css3 - what a chore - not really but don't tell the wife.

New Laptop
BTW, I am in love with my new laptop. It's a Lenovo Yoga 510 i7 250gb SSD. Fantastic and very fast, can be used as a tablet and has a very responsive touchscreen and less than half the price of a mac ! Only one fault - do not like the touch pad. Not very responsive. As I prefer to use a mouse or the touchscreen, it's not much of an issue.

My website and online music station is looking really brilliant ( if I say so myself ). I've just completed uploading hundreds of videos NOT ! Actually, like any learned geek, I've just used links to YouTube. My new station only includes rock music, but all genres. I dropped the soul, blues and jazz after consulting a few knowledgeable websites that stated online music stations need to have a specific genre to drive audiences. ( it's the marketing advertising don't you know ) I've already gone past my previous listeners. This is definitely worth a listen. Several different shows throughout the day, as I say " Something for everyone ".

Why " Forever Autumn " ? I hear you say.
I have always considered that the 1st September ( Kalo Mina ) is the prelude to autumn. Coming from the UK,
any month could be the prelude to autumn or even winter ! However, I now dwell on Crete and in the seven and a half years I've been here, temperatures are inclined to recede after August ( inclined to recede, funny phrase ). Unlike many of the tourists on the island, I love autumn. It means cooler temperatures, which are gratefully received by my six cats as well as myself and it means less cars on the road, therefore less accidents. It means less people in the tavernas ( sorry taverna owners ) which means you get served quicker. It means the earth cools down and Crete starts experiencing its second spring - flowers start appearing everywhere.
The air is much cleaner and clearer, the sky is bluer - great for photography.

All these things make me happy and as I was thinking about this today, coincidentally Justin Hayward clicked onto my player with, yes, you guessed it, Forever Autumn. ( Great song BTW )

Reds on the up ?
We didn't do too badly last season, even after my complaining about our April performances. Perhaps they read the blog. A place in the Champions League now appears to be the goal of the top teams throughout Europe. Winning the league seems to be secondary !

Moving on - a great start by the team but a poor transfer period by the club. Since the demise of Bob Paisley our scouting and ability to entice the best talent to the club has been nothing short of ordinary. Even worse, players actually are willing to leave the club now. This never used to happen. Instead of spending so much time on players whose clubs say are not for sale, they should look for the talent that is for sale ( Coutinho is a prime example ).

And finally
Our window cleaner Ian is never short of a joke or two, his latest offerings.

One night he went to the doctor in Kalyves and said
" Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a moth ! "
The doctor told him that he needed to see a psychiatrist not a doctor, he said
" Why did you come to see me ? "
Ian said
" I saw your light was on "

He told me that he had started taking viagara
to stop him rolling out of bed !

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