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Graphic Design

Graphic art, graphic design, much the same thing. We design logos, business cards, letterheads, all stationery, posters etc. All reasonably priced.
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* Special offer will be digital file letterhead, business card, logo and invoice + 50 free business cards.

Graphic design

The " art " of taking illustrations, photography and typography and creating a design for print or digital image. Graphic design is used primarily in advertising and branding.

flyer graphic

With colour, shape and imagery the design will communicate to everyone whatever message the design is intended to get across.

Grouping ideas

I have been asked several times by clients about plagiarism of design and the use of photos " lifted " from the internet. Personally, I have no problem with anyone using one of my pictures or copying any of the designs on my sites, as long as the client agrees, they are displayed correctly and in a good light, not used for any unlawful purpose and not used for any monetary gain.

With regard to the client being wary of the use of " lifted " material on his or her website, I will say that I always ensure that credit is given to the author in some form and all necessary licences are obtained.

That being said, I would also like to say that I believe a lot of these " laws " are pure bunkum ! After all, surely better design comes from communicating ideas and pooling resources. The internet has brought cultures from all over the world together onto one screen. The ease of travel has brought diverse groups together working to a common purpose but starting from different backgrounds and ideas. This has lead to more exciting and rich design in an industry once considered very snobbish.
The rise of the internet has brought a flurry of editing application programs, most notably the Adobe suite of Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. Anyone who can get their head around the editing power of these apps can create great looking design if they have the imagination necessary to form the lines, space and colour in an agreeable manner. If anyone is lacking the expertise to drive these platforms then the rise of such wonderful websites as Stack Exchange will be very welcome. This site goes a long way in agreeing collaboration between artists and designers as it is purely a no frills question and answer forum.

And finally on this subject. If a designer comes up with a fabulous piece of design and it is only shown on some obscure website - what a shame that it cannot be enjoyed by everyone. Don't be lazy, get the meta tags filled out correctly, register the piece on a good website like DeviantArt and fill out the licence regulation.


Many unique designs to suit your business.

Many unique designs to suit your business.
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