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Photographic commissions, photography editing, photography and Adobe Photoshop courses all on Crete.


Real Estate

TJB Photography can photograph your/any building, internally and/or externally for the purposes of selling, buying or renting,

providing digital or printed images to Authorities or related persons.

We would require 10 days notice and a timeframe of 10 days to ensure conditions appropriate for the commission.

Restaurant / Food item

TJB Photography can photograph your restaurant / taverna / cafe etc for the purpose of providing digital images for business stationery.

TJB Photography can also photograph any desired food items for the purpose of business stationery or menu production. Stationery and menus can be organised by TJB Photography.

We would require 2 visits to the restaurant prior to the shoot if food images are required. TJB Photography will request full control over the preparation of the food images.

Showrooms / vehicles / motorbikes

TJB Photography can photograph your showrooms and any vehicles for the purposes of business stationery or poster images. Stationery and posters can be organised by TJB Photography.

Non Studio Portraiture

TJB Photography can visit your house to photograph you, your family, family pets etc in the home environment.

Image editing

Old Photographs

If you have some old print photographs that you wish could be better, then contact us. We will take a look, free of charge and give you an honest appraisal of what can be achieved with our modern digital imaging software.

Multiple Images

Too many images that need a lot of work to them? Contact us, we can do any digital image improvements and artwork with Adobe Photoshop.

Image Improvement

Have you taken some holiday photos, wedding photos etc that you just cannot get the right look for. Contact us for a free assessment and honest appraisal of what can be done.

Photoshop courses


If you do not own a copy of Adobe Photoshop you can download a free copy of Photoshop Express.


To take this course you will need to have Photoshop on your laptop and be proficient in the basics of Photoshop ie know most of the tools and how they work, know most of the context menus and know how to basic edit and save your work.

I will teach you about working with layers and masks, blends, sharpening, cutting out, replacing colour, replacing sky, working with text, etc, etc.

When you have finished the course you will be up to expert level.

Images for Sale

All sale images of TJB Photography are being sold by the large stock images resource at

Photoshop tutorials

I will be editing a large part of this website to include many tutorials of the marvelous Adobe software Photoshop. Digital artwork will be dealt with in the Graphic Design section of the site, but there will be many tutorials mainly aimed at image improvement, altering images to black and white, high key and low key imaging, easy cutting out, best way to cut out hair etc, changing skies, shadows etc. All tutorials will be aimed at the novice.

Basic Camera Course

This course will only be at my house in Kambia. I will teach you about the controls of a digital SLR camera, about F stops, aperture size and their relationship. I will teach you about white balance and flash. I will explain composition and the rule of thirds. I will explain the use of RAW and why this is important. I will explain how to get your images on to your computer.