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Looking to the future ?

You may already have a website, you may have never wanted one, you may be looking to start a website. Some of the reasons you may be looking at this page right now.
A website for your business is a must nowadays and however daunting a prospect this may seem, you need to jump in and help you business to grow. Look through this website and ask yourself the question " would my business benefit from a site like this ".

Why choose me ?

Yes, why choose me when there are so many bigger outfits out there with lots of staff to ensure that the client gets what he wants.
Well, there are a few reasons and cost is up there very near the top. Lots of staff mean big overheads and the client foots the bill.
Another reason is that a photographer can show richer and sole owned content and I can design logos and graphics as and when required.

See colour scheme samples here.

Extend your business !

You may use social media instead of a website. A lot of businesses do. I prefer to use social media as another outlet for a marketing strategy but if you prefer I can design and develop pages for Twitter, Facebook etc.
Many website developers are now not using social media links as part of SEO as it doesn't help with Google ranking the site to a top page anymore, but they are missing out on the advertising. I still use social media as it is another tool to use in the ever burgeoning world of the information highway.


  1. Contact web developer before you do anything.
  2. Know what you want your website to do.
  3. Have some idea of colours.
  4. Have a budget in mind.
  5. Browse a few websites in your business.


  1. Test opposition sites.
  2. Generate keywords.
  3. Write great content.
  4. Ensure architecture of site is properly linked.
  5. Test regularly.
responsive web design


Content Management System ( CMS ), Static Web Development and in house Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )

nb. This list does not include gathering or testing for any backlinks or any offsite blogging or email outreach for the purpose of backlinking. TJB Photography can carry out these tasks dependent upon the type of website.

nb1. TJB Photography will not under any circumstances use any " blackhat " link building tactics.


  1. Discuss contract with client
  2. Answer question “ What do you want this website to do “
  3. Explain SEO to client.
  4. Choose keywords and key phrases to use on site.
  5. Assist in choice of domain name.
  6. Choose type of site best suited to client. ie CMS or Static.
  7. Choose hosting company with client and type of server required. ( shared or dedicated )
  8. Assess TCO, total cost of ownership.
  9. Advise client of website campaign cost.
  10. Agree with client any management oncosts.
  11. Agree and sign contract with client
  12. Install CMS onto host server or static site on TJBP server.
  13. Agree with client number of emails required and install.
  14. Repoint any existing domain name servers.
  15. Advise client of email addresses and dashboard passwords.


  1. Sketch out basic design.
  2. Discuss and agree design with client.
  3. Decide at this point if 3rd party SEO company is required.
  4. Carry out keyword research based on clients choice.
  5. Carry out competitor research for SEO.
  6. Add or remove keywords.
  7. Decide architecture of site.
  8. Decide content for pages.
  9. Agree any images to be included.
  10. Gather website images. ( inhouse, webfree or client issue )
  11. Upload images to the CMS database or TJBP server.
  12. Upload theme ( if required ) and required plug ins to the database or our server.
  13. Reassess SEO, check linking structure.
  14. Add content to the pages and develop site.
  15. Add anchor links to content.
  16. Add meta tags and structured data.
  17. Use SEO tools for crawling site to check content and speed loading errors.
  18. Sign up for Google Analytics, Bing and Yahoo Analytics and Google Business if required.
  19. Survey SEO with the three main engines.
  20. Carry out recommendations and test again.

Sunset Storm

website colours

Mountain Top

website colours

Misty Morning

website colours

Deep Sea

website colours

Waterstrand colour


website colours

Mistral colour


website colours

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